Writer Revealed Creative Writing Course – Six-Weeks for Confidence
(17 September–22 October 2018).

This six-week course has grown out of my work with writers of all ages over ten years, and through my own experience as a writer, Writer Revealed courses (book here for the new course 17 September – 22 October in Ipswich) are designed to help you free up your writing practice, make you more confident and adventurous whether you write (or want to write) fiction, poetry, screenplays, non-fiction, blogs...

THe Mission

Writer Revealed courses work by peeling away habits and ways of thinking about your writing that might be holding you back – whatever kind of writing you are doing. Rather than teaching how to use the tools and techniques of writing – there are masses of fantastic courses and books available to help you with that – my approach takes you back a step, looking at you and your approach to writing. 

Writer Revealed courses are about growing confidence, flair and creative flexibility. Finding ways to open up your writing practice, to start a new project, get back into writing, or even to start writing if you have never taken that step...

I feel strongly about encouraging people to write whoever they are, whatever their starting point. I didn't start writing until I was in my late 30s because I lacked, now I am a professional writer and writing is such a fulfilling and important part of my life, I can't imagine being without it.

That feeling you get when your creativity is flowing...? That's what this course is about.

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“Elizabeth Ferretti’s transformational approach to creative writing is revelatory.
Sign up! Your writing will love you forever.”
— PS, previous participant

What Will you Achieve?

  • Breathe new life into your writing practice.
  • Explore writing techniques and styles.
  • Grow a healthy relationship with your writing.
  • Develop your writing at your own pace in a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • Create a writing practice that builds you up and doesn't knock you down. 
  • Discover where you might be tripping yourself up.
  • Develop the courage to experiment.
  • Practice to be a more confident, flexible and resilient writer.